‘Sunkesari’ Success, A Mandatory For Reecha

‘Sunkesari’ Success, A Mandatory For Reecha

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Actress Reecha Sharma known for her stellar performance has brought her production venture ‘Sunkesari’, which is all set to release by this week i.e. Jestha 11. Reecha, actress and producer of the cinema is very excited with her first ever horror cinema project. Whole ‘Sunkesari’ teams are optimistic with the positive feedback to their teaser, trailer and poster.

However, we all have to wait for accurate result till the cinema release. Usually, Nepali cinema market is not known for horror genre. There are few numbers of Nepali cinemas in this genre and none of them could stand out proudly. Yet, ‘Sunkesari’ is marking the great spot among public, audiences and market. It is the first Nepali horror cinema to reach peak of limelight with all released promotion activities.

Reecha already have produced ‘Visa Girl’ and ‘Aadha Love’ before this. Both of them could not do great in box office, but introduced subject grabbed positive responses. Thereupon, box office success of ‘Sunkesari’ along with positive feedback is mandatory for Reecha.

Entire cinema filmed at Australia is said to be of around 2 crore budget. So, Mouth Publicity plays quite big role for cinema budget recover.

Starring Reecha Sharma, Sunny Dhakal, Loren Lofberg and Rabindra Jha in main roles, ‘Sunkesari’ is all about the tale of three characters and their encounter with souls and ghosts. Sunil Parajuli, Prerana Thapa, Bhim Neupane, Tamanna Sharma, Sabitra Acharya, Amy Parajuli, Krishna Tiwari and Dharma Raj Adhikari are also the star cast for the cinema.

Bhim Neupane and Sharmila Sapkota is also the joint producer with Reecha. Arpan Thapa directorial cinema features Background music of Noble Freaks.