Salman Making His Mother Swear For ‘Race 3’

Salman Making His Mother Swear For ‘Race 3’

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- One of the most awaited Bollywood cinema starring Salman Khan ‘Race 3’ has released the first trailer. In the middle of high buzz of cinema trailer, Salman had to give a mother swear for the trailer.

The trailer launch of the cinema on Tuesday was already noticed before 5 days. Salman himself informed the public and his fans regarding the trailer release through his twitter account and asked fans to wait for it.


And on May 14, he twitted saying ‘Kal ka mujhe thoda doubtful lag raha hai’.


Many of the people thought that the trailer will not release on 15th. Surprisingly, Salman again twitted ‘Kal ka jo doubtful thaa woh aaj mujhe doubtful lag raha hai’ just before 5 minutes to release, which created ooze among his fans.

Right after 1 hour of his twit, he again twitted ‘Race Official Trailer’. Then he kept on twitting likes ‘Arrey Re Re’, ‘Ruko’. All these twits created more intensity and suspense. Once again, he twitted Race 2 Trailer Release, which made the environment more intensive. Few minutes later he twits, ‘Oh Oh Oh’.


Salman finally pushing all these curiosities, informed for official trailer release at 5.15 according to IST time. But, the trailer didn’t release even after the weight of 1 hour. Finally, Salman twits after around half an hour later by given time with mother swear saying ‘1.. 2.. In 5 mins… Maa Kasam!’


This gave the relief to audiences. And within 5 minutes the wait ended with trailer release.

Not only Bollywood but also Nepali cinema delays on trailer release. These all delays on trailer create furious and intense surroundings among the fans and audiences.