Strong Pillars of ‘Damaruko Dandibiyo’ Commercial Success

Strong Pillars of ‘Damaruko Dandibiyo’ Commercial Success

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Few days are left for ‘Damaruko Dandibiyo’ release. Will cinema based on former national Dandibiyo player manage to attract enough viewers to the theaters?

Interestingly, Dandibiyo amassed huge popularity and buzz throughout this week in Nepali cine market. Starting of year 2075 was not that successful as expected. However, looking at the business of cinema released since Baisakh 21 is quite satisfying. Now, the next high hope is ‘Damaruko Dandibiyo’. There is some strong pillar of ‘Damaruko Dandibiyo’ for commercial success. So, today here we are with some strong pillars of it;

Subject Matter

Usually, Nepali cinema market is not known for sports drama. There are few number of cinema based on sports and sadly all of them couldn’t meet expectations of viewers. In middle of sports drama chaos and scarcity in Nepali cine industry, ‘Damaruko Dandibiyo’ came up with a big hope. It is carrying out the sports ‘Dandibiyo’ which used to be National Game in some era, but no more.

Dandibiyo is not one of the popular games in the world, yet popular in village of Nepal. Considering attempt of ‘Damaruko Dandibiyo’ to present extincting game into cinema screen has an added advantage for business.

Khagendra Lamichhane

Khagendra is a strong pillar for ‘Damaruko Dandibiyo’. He is known for his versatility and stellar performances in both writing and acting. The glimpse of his incredible writing and acting talent in ‘Pashupati Prasad’, ‘Dhanapti’ and ‘Talakjung VS Tulke’ has got viewers more than excited for his every upcoming cinema.

Khagendra play only for the cinema written by himself and he does only one cinema in a year. This upcoming project of Khagendra is releasing after 10 months of ‘Dhanapati’ release. Hence, audiences are much optimistic with outcome of Khagendra and eagerly waiting to see his ‘Damaruko Dandibiyo’.

Publicity & Promotion

Cinema had carried the publicity and promotion campaign immensely since its release date announcement. Mofasal tour, Thyak Challenge and actors involvement is attracting the public and viewers’s attention towards cinema.

Continuous on-going advertisement in utmost Medias is adding positive benefits for cinema success business.

Polished Actors Presence

Each actor of ‘Damaruko Dandibiyo’ is highly skilled and polished. They all are well-known for their acting skill.

Anup Baral, Menuka Pradhan, Buddhi Tamang, Ankit Khadka, Ashanta Sharma, Laxmi Bardewa, Mishri Thapa, Ingi Hopu Koinch Sunuwar, Namita Ghising with Khagendra are the lot known for their stellar performance in Nepali Cine fraternity. The star cast of these talented actors might be a strong point to attract viewers searching for fine acting in Nepali cinema.

Weak Competitor

‘Damaruko Dandibiyo’ is clashing with ‘Bhor’.

‘Bhor’ is not being able to gain that much hype in market though aimed for Multiplex, which is beneficial for ‘Damaruko Dandibiyo’. Similarly, none of Hollywood and Bollywood cinema is making a release in this week. Cinema is taking direct benefits from Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor starrer ‘102 not out’ cinema release confines in Nepal.

Chhetan Gurung directorial cinema is under the banner of Sambridhi Entertainment. Binod Gurung and Norbu Tshering Ghale have jointly produced it.