This is Priyanka’s Season!

This is Priyanka’s Season!

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Lately, it is a season of Priyanka. Priyanka is here, there and everywhere; from hall to shoot set.

Priyanka is the most-sought-out actress since several years in Nepali cinema industry. Her two of the cinemas are running in theaters viz ‘Shatru Gate’ in 6th week and ‘Lily Bily’ in 2nd week. And here in Baisakh 14, this number is gonna be double, because Priyanka starrer additional 2 cinemas are all set to hit theaters.

Eventually, there won’t be any Hall without Priyanka afterwards. Both of her cinemas ‘Kohalpur Express’ and ‘Happy Days’ are one of the most anticipated cinemas for the year. Observing on ongoing ‘Shatru Gate’ and ‘Lily Bily’, there seems a possibility for both to remain steady even in next week. Most likely; they will be capturing 25-35 percent of Hall and Shows, and without any doubt, remaining percentage will be bagged by ‘Kohalpur Express’ and ‘Happy Days’.

Over and above, Priyanka Season is not over with it. Her seasonal juncture is widening more with her ongoing shoot schedule of ‘Nai Navannu La 5’ and ‘Changa Chet’. Moreover, her fragrance is extending even in reality show with AP 1 HD Dance Reality Show ‘Boogie Woogie’. She is playing a judge role in the show.

Priyanka is providing a vivid splash all over with her two cinema’s ongoing shoot, promotion for about to release cinema, and ‘Shatru Gate’ and ‘Lily Bily’ hit success. Hence, it’s worth to call this overwhelming spring season as Priyanka Season.