High Budget VFX Work in Nepali Cinema ‘Black’

High Budget VFX Work in Nepali Cinema ‘Black’

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Director Pradeep Shrestha claimed that half of the investment from his upcoming project ‘Black’ has been spends in VFX.

‘Black’ will be adding a milestone in Nepali cinema with the help of technology according to him. Earlier released ‘Pal Pal Harpal’ song from the cinema holds many VFX scenes in it. Director urges to take it as an example. VFX expenditure in cinema is as much as of shoot expenditure amount. Nepali audience will be witnessing the beauty with this hi-voltage VFX technology.

According to the reports of director Shrestha, it took whole 1 year just to finish VFX work of the cinema. Samir Miya and Shree Krishna Shrestha have done the VFX of the cinema.

Aashma Pandey produced cinema follows the cinematography of Ramsharan Upreti, Chandra Panta’s action, and Arjun GC’s edit. Ramji Lamichhane is a choreographer.

Cinema with the story of Maunata Shrestha stars Aakash Shrestha, Aanchal Sharma, Sundar Shrestha, Aayush Rijal, Sushil Chhetri, Dhiren Shakya, Priya Rijal in leading role. It is all set to hit the theaters on Jestha 11.