Shower of Praises for ‘Bhor’ In Special Show

Shower of Praises for ‘Bhor’ In Special Show

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Yadav Kumar Bhattrai directed ‘Bhor’ accomplished the Special Show in K-Town.

Politicians, human rights activist, cine personalities and journalists were presented at ‘Bhor’ special show on Tuesday. Each spectators from special show praised cinema for being able to excellence present of existing dowry system in Terai region with its result to crime and a struggle for justice.

Former PM Madhav Kumar Nepal, Former Ministers; Rajendra Mahato, Rajkishor Yadav, Lilamani Poudelm UML Leader Binda Pandey, Former Minister Hisila Yami, and more than hundreds of human rights activist, students, cine personalities, and journalists presented in special show, shared the wonderful reviews for cinema claiming a good opportunity to watch such a superb cinema already in early of 2075 B.S.

Former PM Nepal urged that everyone must watch this and should be reached in every corner of the nation as it contributes in raising public awareness regarding social evil ‘Dowry System’ and women discrimination. It transparently has portrait the prevailing social evils and practices of our society according to former PM Nepal.

Likewise, female leader Hisila Yami congratulated the cinema team for bringing up such a worth piece with such an important subject matter. She says that women violence is increasing and not only should the person who does it be slapped, but the whole constitution should be because women are being victim due to disability of none other than constitution.

Lead actor; Dolly Sarkar, Ram Narayan Thakur and Puja Karna were main part of the congratulation. Following Deepak Bajrachrya cinematography was also praised in special show and director Bhattrai was praised for his excellency in his work by taking local actor in silver screen with natural presentation of Mithilila zone surroundings.

Cinema produced by Raj Timilsina and Ram Gopal, is made up of Krishna Dharabshi’s story. Ujjwal Dhakal is in edit. Ram Narayan Thakur, Anita Rani Mandal, Pramesh Jha, Dali Sarkar, Puja Karna, Madan Thakur, Bishnu Kanta Jha are the star cast of the cinema.