Accomplished Workshop on Journalism Principle

Accomplished Workshop on Journalism Principle

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Film Journalist Association has completed a day workshop on the Journalism ethics and principle on Sunday. 110 journalists were present at the workshop happened in Kathmandu.

Online Journalist Association founder KP Dhungana gave lesson on online journalism and principles, whereas Journalist Association President Bikash Karki gave training on photo journalism. Program interacted and discussed on the subject of journalist ethics and principle, online journalism development and present status, press law and electronic business law, increasing YouTube utility, its impacts and challenge, photographing art and copyright law.

Dhungana commented; online media and journalist’s number are increasing in a rapid speed, yet the news presentation and quality are not being reliable as the same speed. He focused more on the journalism and journalist’s ethics and principle. He urged that unaware of law are not forgiven and suggested to be very careful with ethics to be safe from accident. Ignoring principle may result to punishment from electronic business law, scold contempt and various laws and order.

Next trainer Bikash Karki shared the information regarding precautions for taking photo and scenery click, while whole journalism might be victim and be fun from this negligence. He said that the whole journalism fraternity faced criticism because of the some of the journalist’s behavior during the death time of actor Madan Krishna Shrestha’s wife. So, he recommended being aware of the situation before clicking any photo. He again urged journalist to be aware of the use of social networks, saying that the photographs used in social networks should first take permission.

Chief Sandip Sapkota of Association emphasized on trustworthy journalism stating the program was organized to increase the reliability on journalism and Medias. About 110 journalists attendant were given the certificates at the end of the workshop.