‘Bhor’ Trailer Released With Strong Social Message

‘Bhor’ Trailer Released With Strong Social Message

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – The makers of ‘Bhor’, which is directed by ‘Jhola’ director Yadav Kumar Bhattarai, have released their official trailer on the occasion of New Year 2075.

The trailer of the cinema offers a sneak peek into the struggle of a girl and her family occurred due to dowry demand. Directer Bhattarai bagging well-praise from his last project ‘Jhola’ is quite optimistic with ‘Bhor’. A maker of the cinema regards ‘Bhor’ as the step to eradicate the dowry system that is prevailing in our society, which is just not women violence but also the human violence.

The social drama story has been written by a literature and writer of ‘Jhola’ i.e. Krishna Dharabasi. Yadavkumar Bhattarai has twisted the story into his screenplay. Raj Timalsina and Ram Gopal Thapa jointly produced the cinema, which is edited by Ujjwal Dhakal and cinematography by Deepak Bajracharya.

Few days ago, the maker accomplished the Premier Show at Mithiladham, Janakpur. Following, again held Premier at Pokhara and did charity show at Hetauda on Thursday. It obtained the lofty admiration from these shows. Whole cinema shoot carried place in Janakpur. Cinema raising the voice for women empowerment stars most of the actors from local Mithila zone.

Cinema starring Ramanarayan Thakur, Anitarani Mandal, Parmesh Jha, Madan Thakur, Bishnu Kanta Jha, Rajesh Saxena, Dolly Sarakar, BN Patel, and Puja Karn is scheduled for release on coming Baisakh 21.

Watch the trailer here: