Richa and Keki Servicing Surprises!

Richa and Keki Servicing Surprises!

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Be ready to get surprises if you have ordered food from ‘Foodmandu’.

Because, some special persona are going to deliver your food from ‘Foodmandu’. Are you eager to know who are going to deliver your food at your house door? Then, we will be opening the secret of your surprises. Prominent actress Richa Sharma and Keki Adhikari are to deliver your ordered food. These two feminine actresses will deliver your food and will also have a conversation with you sharing information regarding their upcoming cinema ‘Kohalpur Express’.

‘Kohalpur Express’ team has come up with new way of cinema promotion. Some of the public in K-town had already been surprised with this new way of cinema promotion on commencement of maker Keki Adhikari. People were pleasingly thrilled with the surprise at their door alongside with their ordered food, and every one of them was shouting ‘Oh My God!’ Keki and Richa also gifted them with their cinema name printed T-shirt on Wednesday.

Keki is happy and enjoying to have conversation with audiences personally reaching at their house.

Bishal Bhandari directorial comedy genre cinema stars Priyanka Karki, Buddhi Tamang, Rabindra Jha, Binod Neupane and Kushagraha Bhattarai in lead role with Richa and Keki. Cinema jointly produced by Bhadra Bahadur Shahi, Devi Lal Neupane (Pandit) and Shiva Prasad Chaulagain is all set to release on Jestha 14.