‘Nepte’, a Dream Project of Rohit

‘Nepte’, a Dream Project of Rohit

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Producer and actor Rohit Rumba said his upcoming cinema ‘Nepte’ is his Dream Project.

Producer Rumba is very optimistic regarding ‘Nepte’. He further explained that he sold his land to make a cinema. He is continuously working with aim of doing something in cinema field. If ‘Nepte’ does well, he will be making announcement of new cinema within 3 days.

If it fails, he will be taking rest from cinema fraternity for some times. He claims to not come in any cinema for around 4-5 years just in case of ‘Nepte’ failure. ‘Nepte’ is a do or die situation for Rohit. He played a gamble with ‘Nepte’ by selling his one and a half ropani land and remaing in mortagage.

However, he is very hopeful that ‘Nepte’ will aid in his one and a half decades of cine career. His character in cinema is very jolly. Moreover, Buddhi Tamang, another crucial character of cinema told that his character in the cinema is alike to real he. Dayahang Rai is first time appearing in negative role in ‘Nepte’.

Dev Kumar Shrestha directorial cinema presents screenplay/dialogues of Kiran Michael Ghimire.

Arjun Gurung, Chhulthim Gurung, Purnima Lamaa and Pranisha Silwal are other star cast besides Dayahang, Buddhi Tamang, and Rohit Rumba. Roshan Shrestha is the action director and choreography is of Kabiraj Gahatraj. It will hit the silver screen on Chaitra 30 i.e coming Friday.