10 Debuts Faces Who Hit Big in the Cinema Industry

10 Debuts Faces Who Hit Big in the Cinema Industry

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – It’s almost 2075 already. This year, cinema industry went through lots of ups and down. Approximately, 80 cinemas were released throughout the year, which unfolded dozens of new faces to industry.

Today, we present a list of 10 actors who hit it big in the Nepali Cinema Industry from their very first cinema. Check it out below:

Salinman Bania

Salinman is the find of 2074. He debut acting career with ‘A Mero Hajur 2’ of the year. He definitely showed his potential as an actor for future projects from very first cinema pairing with Samragyee RL Shah.

He was a hot topic in industry since his appointed for the cinema. The popularity spread more after cinema release. His debuted cinema ‘A Mero Hajur 2’ is one of the superhit cinemas. Number of makers offered him after his hi-voltage popularity from first cinema.

But, haven’t accepted any of those offers. However, there is a lot of possibility for another project of his debuted cinema banner Suhana Entertainment. Hence, rumors of his casting in anyone of Jharana directorial projects ‘A Mero Hajur 3’ or ‘Bhagwat geeta’ are coming out.

Dipika Prasai

Actress Dipika Prasai made her acting debut with cinema ‘Aishwarya’, which was also a comeback cinema for actor Ramesh Upreti. She gained high attention of the public and many fans with the release of her cinema trailer and song.

Especially, her beauty intimidated the Medias, public and fans. Viewers were impressed by her performance in her debut cinema. She earned her spot in industry with all right and fair. However, her assignment for next project is not out till the time. She is claiming to do less but best cinema only.

Aashirman Desraj Joshi

Son of public figure/banker Raveena Desraj Shrestha and younger brother of model/actor Ayushman Desraj Joshi, Aashirman debuted from ‘Gangster Blues’.

His first cinema turned out be a box office disaster, still, he showed his mettle as an actor. Therefore, makers are chasing after him.

Currently, he is shooting for Hemraj BC directorial ‘The Breakup’. We hope his upcoming cinema will make a splash in Nepali cinema.

Aslesha Thakuri

Pairing opposite to actor Pradeep Khadka in her debut cinema, Aslesha marked the good spotlight for herself. She bagged mostly negative comments rather than positive. However, ‘Premgeet 2’ hit tag gave her breath of relief. Her wardrobe malfunction during the promotion of her debut cinema ‘Premgeet 2’ created high buzz. No reports regarding her next project.

Aditi Budhatkoi

‘Kri’ debut Aditi made spotlight stand in front of Nepali and also Bollywood media. She continued to limelight till the cinema release. She grabbed the eye-balls of everyone with the success of ‘Kri’. The reports are not out regarding her new projects after ‘Kri’.

Sara Shripaili

‘Rudra’ marked the debut of actress Sara Shripaili in Nepali Cinema Fraternity. She again appeared on the silver screen with ‘Pinjada Back Again’ in the year. She was seen alongside action star Nikhil Upreti in both of her cinemas.

Both cinemas could not succeed. Yet, she won everyone’s hearts with her performance. Sara making herself a name with acting in both cinemas has already worked in Salon Basnet’s ‘Shushree Sampati’.

It is directed by cine journalist Subratraj Aacharya.

Jassita Gurung

Her debut cinema ‘Lily Bily’ is still on its way of release, but she had already impressed plenty of public and makers. She already showcased her identity with song and trailer; however, it is yet to watch her acting chops.

She is gaining the attention of the public and many fans through her beauty and great chemistry on screen with actor Pradeep Khadka. She have already earned tons of fan following. And the box office success of ‘Lily Bily’ might give her more appeal to the public.

Saruk Tamrakar & Manish Sundar Shrestha

Both of them are debutante actor of ‘Rani’. Debut cinema couldn’t do well for both of these actors. Cinema totally failed in box office. However, both of them cracked us up with their bumbling performance in ‘Rani’.

Saruk new project is not out yet, while Manish’s new project ‘Timi Hunchau Jaha Jaha’ is on the way of release.

Swarup Purush Dhakal

According to release, his debut cinema is ‘Chakka Panja 2’, but his first cinema as acting is ‘Suskera’. While ‘Suskera’ is not release, ‘Chhakka Panja 2’ is his debut cinema.

His debut cinema ‘Chhakka Panja 2’ is a big hit cinema of the year, but he could not get any credit from that. Still, his acting somehow managed praising. He was signed for big budget cinema ‘The Man from Kathmandu’, but in a last minute he got pushed out from the project.

Makers stated that he couldn’t give sufficient time in Workshop so he was out from project. Nevertheless, his upcoming project ‘Timi Hunchau Jaha Jaha’ is waiting for release day.

Miruna Magar

Her debut cinema ‘Lalpurja’ couldn’t charm in box office, but her acting surely did. Her performance was earnest, so the makers are looking forward for her.

Miruna will next be seen in ‘Roji’ opposite to Pradeep Khadka.

Other Debut Faces

Suraj Pandey (Love Love Love), Sunny Singh (Diary), Sipora Gurung (Bhuimanche), Ambar Subedi/Suman Poudel (A Mero Hajur 2), Rajan Ishan (2 Rupaiya), Oshima Banu (Romeo), Samiya Bartaula (Hitler), Sumi Moktan (Jhaynakuti), Bhumika Shrestha (Kanchhi) are also the debut faces of the year.