‘Prasad’ announcement starring Namrata & Bipin

‘Prasad’ announcement starring Namrata & Bipin

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- ‘Tandav’ duo actress Namrata Shrestha and actor Bipin Karki are again set to work with each other for upcoming project ‘Prasad’.

An official announcement regarding the cinema has been made on Monday making a Press Meet. It will go on shooting floor from Baisakh first week. Cine journalist Sushil Poudel is making debut in story writing from the cinema. Writer Poudel said he had attempted to exhibit the society he have seen and the society he have understood.

It is a story of a psychological conflict, disagreement, and disbelief between a husband-wife due to infertility, and also a story against the value and norms of our society. Further Poudel added that he will regard himself a fortunate if the cinema could take place in audience’s heart, and if couldn’t he will learn the lesson to do more hardwork.

Similarly, Dinesh Raut who will be directing the cinema said, this time he had tried to remold himself in family drama. Previously, he had directed ‘November Rain’ and ‘Classic’, and also thrill cinema ‘Parva’. He again said that he made ‘Parva’ in the middle of his lovestory cinema direction, and now ‘Prasad’ is family drama. It might not accomplish to make cry and laugh, but this cinema will compel to think once.

Namrata and Bipin are ready to play husband-wife role due to strong story of the cinema. Nabin Manandhar is also playing the main role in the cinema. It is a production venture of Subash Thapa. Music is helmed by Subash Bhusal and Kosis Chhetri.