PM KP Oli’s Awesome Speech: FAAN Awards

PM KP Oli’s Awesome Speech: FAAN Awards

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu – Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s speeches had always been spotlight for media and audience.

His recent speech at FAAN Awards on Friday was all interesting and delighting. PM Oli as chief guest in award said ‘Nepal is a beautiful country of Handsome and Beautiful’ in his speech. He dreamed to bridge Nepali Cinema with Bollywood.

He announced to take Nepali actors in his upcoming India tour. Futher in his speech, he added, ‘Nepal Prakritik Sundartale Bharipurna Chha. Cinema Ramro Banauna Ramro Camerale Matrai Pugdaina. Tesko Lagi Drishya Pani Chhahincha. Ra Tyo Hamro Deshma Chha.’ Which means ‘Nepal is full of natural beauty?

Only good camera is not efficient for a good cinema. Sceneries are also needed for it, and that is available in our country.’

He ended his speech with a request to Nepali Cinema Maker to make cinema according to need have country and time rather than demand. Therefore, PM Oli insight for Nepali Cinema was crystal clear in his speech.