‘Kri’ Argumentation Ended With 11 Lakh Compensations

‘Kri’ Argumentation Ended With 11 Lakh Compensations

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- ‘Kri’ producer Subash Giri was in custody for allegation of song piracy. He got released from custody after agreement of 11 lakh compensation for ‘Samjhana’ director Shambhu Pradhan.

Few days ago, Pradhan complaint to Metropolitan Police Range Teku about assimilation of song ‘Ukalima Pachhi Pachhi..’ of ‘Samjhana’ cinema back to 2040 by ‘Kri’ without any consent from them.

Producer Giri was called in a lockup for investigation by Police on Tuesday. However, complaint was made in the name of Bhuwan KC by Pradhan, but ‘Kri’ was registered under Subash Giri name.

So, Giri was in the custody. Promptly, Giri should give 11 lakh compensation for Pradhan and phrase ‘Ukalima Aghi Aghi.. .’ should cut off while releasing in YouTube. Yet, song will remain same in overseas release.

Ranjit Gajmer is the musician of original song, and Almoda Rana Upreti is named in remake version. Likewise, Almoda Rana and Sabin Ektare is lyricist of remake song, and Ranjit Gajmer is lyricist from original one. Udit Narayan Jha and Dipa Jha is singer of original song trash, whereas Almoda is of new remake version.