Pradeep: ‘Lily Bily’ Is Next Debut Cinema

Pradeep: ‘Lily Bily’ Is Next Debut Cinema

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Pradeep Khadka is the most sought out actor by the time. His fourth project ‘Lily Bily’ is all about to release on Chaitra 30.But, Pradeep prefers to say it as his debut cinema.

He first debuted in Nepali cinema industry from ‘Escape’, however got limelight in his career with ‘Premgeet’. He strongly believes that ‘Lily Bily’ will be substituting the tag of ‘Premgeet’ for him. Pradeep recently requested his audience to regard ‘Lily Bily’ as his debut cinema during the Press meet at Chitwan held by ‘Lily Bily’ team for promotion campaign across country.

He further explained that each new cinema he does marks a debut cinema for him because of a new character and a new work experience. Hence, each cinema is debut cinema for Pradeep.

Similarly, debutante actress Jasita Gurung also expressed her expectations from cinema. She expects the audience will love her emotional and simple girl character in cinema. Further, she shared that she went to audition for cinema from the call of director Milan Chams and got selected. Director Chams saw her for the first time in one of the dance competition at England.

Speaking about the cinema, director Milan Chams claimed that this cinema represents Nepal although whole cinemas cinematic were grabbed from foreign countries. He again says that cinema cinematograph in England, Scotland and Istanbul of Turkey is definitely a worthy cinema to watch by Nepali cinema fans.

Likewise, producer Sudip Khadka remembers the moment that both Chams and he were crying after watching the cinema climax. He believes that ‘Lily Bily’ will boost Nepali cinema fraternity one step ahead.

Pradeep’s Craze: Pradeep’s fan at the edge of Narayani, Chitwan on Monday braced his charms and craze. There was thousands of mass presence just to see Pradeep. Fans were crying and dragging each other to take selfie with Pradeep. Pradeep hardly managed himself to step in the stage. The same craze of Pradeep was seen during the time of ‘Premgeet 2’ release.

Next Destination Is East: Pokhara was the first destination as per the schedule of whole Nepal travel ‘Lily Bily’ promotion campaign. But, plane could not land in Pokhara due to bad weather and the concert at Pokhara was adjourned. Team will be heading to eastern cities like Damak, Itahari, Dharan and many more after Chitwan concert completion. Team of Pradeep, Jasita, Milan, and Sudip with singer Pratap Das, SD Yogi and Mechu Dhimal are travelling in this campaign.

Priyanka Karki, Anoop Bikram Shahi, Sabin Shrestha, Manish Shrestha, Dhurba Dutta,and Ritesh Chams are also featured in ‘Lily Bily’ beside Jasita and Pradeep.

Cinema produced by Govinda Shahi, and Sudip Khadka is under the cinematography of Sudip Baral. Chandra Panta is doing action of the cinema. Kafia Films, Sudip Khadka Productions & Chams Entertainment mutullay presents ‘Lily Bily’.