Patch-up Twist of Pradeep & Pooja

Patch-up Twist of Pradeep & Pooja

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- On Wednesday night around 7 o’clock a fantastic coincidence took place around The Cinema Times office peripheral.

Pooja Sharma and Pradeep Khadka not only faced each other, but also patch-up to each other. Pooja and Pradeep were having a cold war since their dispute during their first project ‘Premgeet’ together. Their bitter cold war of almost around 3 years supposedly ended after they accidentally met during their new project promotion activities.

Pradeep was giving his interview relating to his upcoming cinema ‘Lily Bily’ along with his co-star Jasita Gurung. In the mean time, ‘Ramkahani’ pair Pooja Sharma and Aakash Shrestha arrives. Pooja oblivious of the hustle and bustle inside The Cinema Times office with presence of Pradeep enters accompanying greeting for journalist Dinesh Sitaula.

Immediately, both Pooja and Pradip turned expressionless, not saying a word. Pooja trying to avoid Pradeep haunted for a chair and gave all her focus on computer keyboard. As for Pradip, he was smiling all over his interview after witnessing Pooja after a long period of time.

Briefly, Pooja came out of the studio, while Pradeep became busy in his interview. Concurrently, journalist Dinesh Sitaula and Utsab Rasaili were making a plan for their reunion. Pradeep moved forward to Pooja with mediator Dinesh and Utsab. Pooja turned around. Pradeep smilingly approached for a conversation. The dilemma of whether to talk or not went down, and the atmosphere between them became more easy. Further, Pradeep asked why she is out, and Pooja gave the answer that interview was running and she didn’t wanted to disturb.

Spontaneously, Pradeep spoke it wouldn’t happen. Pradeep said that he is surprised to meet her suddenly. Coincidence to such a degree contrived reunion of Pradeep and Pooja. They were asked to pose together after having short conversation. They posed for camera. Jasita and Aakash also joined them in frame of camera. At the end, Pooja and Pradeep departed with cordial hug.

This reunion twist will encore Pradeep and Pooja in same screen again? Will find out in coming futures. Hence, The Cinema Times team hopes their friendship stays forever and stronger than ever.

Pictures: Kushal Ghatani Rai