Inspect Which Crew Is Winning Praise from ‘Mangalam’

Inspect Which Crew Is Winning Praise from ‘Mangalam’

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- ‘Mangalam’ produced by Chhabiraj Ojha featuring Mithila Sharma, Nir Shah, Shilpa Pokhrel, Pushpal Khadka, Prithvi Raj Prasai in lead role is recently running its second week release.

Cinema is doing quite good business collection at box office comparison to the two cinema released on same date as of it. Spectators are giving a positive feedback for this cinema.

Specially, they love the subject matter of the cinema written by Govinda Phuyal. Similarly, dialogues of Govinda Phuyal and Nawal Nepal are also adored by audience. Apart from them, spectator also worshiped the acting of actors Mithila Sharma, Shilpa Pokhrel and Pusphal Khadka.

This time, Chhabi going through lots of criticism from his some of the last projects bagged compliments in his production pocket. Cinema being slows in its first half, can sure the audience in second half. The presentation of love between the husband-wife and mother is done brilliantly. Despite of many technical hindrances, audience are happily giving aloud praise for Mithila Sharma and claiming that Pushpal Khadka is definitely a hard working actor. Shilpa is just fit for wife role as exploration of audience.

In sum up, producer Chhabiraj Ojha, director Nawal Nepal, writer Govinda Phuyal, actors Mithila Sharma, Shilpa Pokhrel and Pusphal Khadka are earning huge round of applause. The first week business collection is yet to release, which will determine the hit or flop status of cinema.