Old Cinema to Be Digitized & To Screen

Old Cinema to Be Digitized & To Screen

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Film Development Board are going to digitize the old cinema on the affair of fifty years completion of Nepali Cinema.

Meeting held with head of Board Chief Nikita Poudel reached to this conclusion. 12 old cinemas are going to be digitizing under this plan. Digitization means the safeguard procedure of old cinema made in reel through new digital technology.

The result gives an opportunity to watch the old cinema through modern technique. Committees have decided to digitize each old cinema respectively.

16mm and 25 mm cinema will convert to 2k and 4k with the digitization. Summing up, Film Development Board stated that the boards have already started the initiation for Cinema Museum too to reach the glory of Nepali Cine History to common people.

Board is holding the Film Development Board Anniversary and Film Festival on forthcoming Ashar 16, where 12 digitized cinemas will be screening. 12 old cinemas will be screening for a whole week on the occasion of Golden Jubilee of Nepali Cinema.

‘Aama’ is the first cinema in Nepali Cinema History. Following ‘Aama’, ‘K Ghar K Dera’, ‘Badalido Aakash’, ‘Jiwanrekha’, ‘Sindoor’, ‘Paralko Aago’, ‘Kumari’, ‘Manko Bandh’, ‘Paribartan’, ‘Hijo Aaja Bholi’, ‘Biswas’ and ‘Shantideep’ are to be digitized and to be screening on Festival.

Every person is parsing the step carried in cine fraternity by Nikita Poudel in her tenure. This kind of step is the first time in the history of Nepali Cinema. Controversial topic of Box Office System also got disclosed in Poudel’s tenure period.

Nikita is gaining the limelight following the success in Box Office System, Old Cinema Digitization, Cinema Museum and Festival Plans. Cine People are concluding the big leap in cinema fraternity during this juncture.