Challenge & Opportunity for Director Chams !

Challenge & Opportunity for Director Chams !

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- ‘Hasiya’ debut director Milan Chams is no more a new name in Nepali Cine Industry. His name is in the foremost list of most occupied director for these days.

‘Hasiya’ and ‘Bir Bikram’, only two cinema have been released under his direction, but there are number of cinema in his pipeline. By the end of this year within a time of two months, three movies are set to release.

Chams making hype from the superhit of ‘Bir Bikram’ and good success of ‘Hasiya’, will he taste a jolt of box office because of rush of three movies release in just forty five days? So, Today! We are giving some spotlight in those three movies;

Falgun 17 – Blind Rocks:

Cinema ‘Blind Rocks’ based on true story of a blind girl Shristi Shrestha is set to release after almost a year of ‘Bir Bikram’ release.

Benisha Hamal playing the role of Shristi is making a good spot in limelight. There seems a possibility to secure the investment through shows in foreign countries. However, director Chams claims that the cinema got very huge market in foreign countries, while cinema has already been released in London.

Chaitra 16 – Happy Days: 

‘Happy Days’ is for sure a fourth cinema venture for Chams according to release date, but the production of ‘Happy Days’ was completed before ‘Blind Rocks’. Starring Dayahang Rai, Priyanka Karki and Sanjay Gupta in main role, cinema is shooting in London.

The redo duo of Dayahang and Priyanka again from many other cinemas might be the real gamble for box office. The strong content and making of cinema might also be late to allure audience towards halls. In this case, Chams might depend on foreign countries shows for investment security.

Chaitra 30 – Lilly Billy:

‘Lilly Billy’ is going to release right after two weeks of ‘Happy Days’ release. Due to this rush of two cinemas, Chams is in mess of time lack. The last anticipated cinema ‘Lilly Billy’ features Pradeep Khadka, Priyanka Karki and Jasita Gurung in main character.

Priyanka showing up on silver screen again right after 2 weeks of ‘Happy Days’ will benefits her or not is yet to see. Similarly, it is also a challenge for stardom of Pradeep Khadka. His stardom might have worked for ‘Premgeet 2’, but he really should worked hard for that magic this time.

Despite of massive popularity from two song released, ‘Lilly Billy’ team should widespread their business promotion. If not, there are number of examples of awaited cinema that failed to do business in box office.

Most of the cinema of Milan Chams does good business in Foreign. Chams introducing The Red-carpet Premier Nepali show in foreign, is known for Nepali Cinema market expansion in foreign land. Hence,this time, many cinemas in short time is really both challenge and opportunity for Chams in his filmy career. The result of success in these 45 days will take him in the top of the world in Nepali Cinema.