‘Bhaire’ Release Date Announced

‘Bhaire’ Release Date Announced

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Dayahang Rai, Barsha Siwakoti and Surkashya Panta starrer cinema ‘Bhaire; have announced a release date.

Director Everest Surya Bohora is pleased to announce the releasing date of cinema on Jestha 18 with The Cinema Times. He also shared the information regarding the launch of first song from cinema on Falgun 15. Director with his team are set to run the promotion campaigns with the target of Jestha 18 release date.

Purushottam Pradhan carrying cinematography  cinema stars Sunil Thapa, Buddhi Tamang, Bikranta Basnet, Arjun Gurung, Janhvi Bohara, Jaynanda Lama, Anubhav Regmi, Kanchhan Thakuri, Sabita Gurung and many more actors besides Dayahang, Barsha and Surakshya in leading role.

Lekh Bahadur Pun (Denim) is making the cinema along with Kumar Basnet, and Karunakar Ghimire. Yam Baral, Basanta Sapkota and Arjun Pokhrel are making music with the production of Prem Prasad Poudel and Devi Maya Adhikari. Nepalaya Cinema International is giving the banner with the budget of 2 crore.