‘Panchayat’ Presents Unseen, Untold & Unwritten Story of Era

‘Panchayat’ Presents Unseen, Untold & Unwritten Story of Era

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- ‘Panchayat’ making release on Chaitra 2 unveiled some of the pictures from the cinema shot. There is a glimpse of pure Nepali form and background in those reveled pictures.

Cinema story already won the Best Story Award among 216 Foreign language cinema in “San Francisco Film Festival’ in America California. Likewise, actress Nita Dhungana also won the Best Actress Award in film festival from same ‘Panchayat’ cinema.

In the chaos of release date and award, director Shivam Adhikari stated the audience now can have original taste and experience the pure Nepali form from ‘Panchayat’ after ‘Jhola’. According to him, audience did not have opportunity to see the original Nepali cinema after ‘Jhola’ and this time ‘Panchayt’ will be erasing that thirst. He also emphasizes, audience will surely do justice for the cinema which is purely based on Nepali background originality which carries unseen, untold and unwritten story of fifty years ago rules which itself is autonomous.

Following director Adhikari, Nita also said ‘Panchayat’ is special for her and as per her saying; ‘Panchayat’ is the cinema where she gains a lot of praises after ‘Masan’. Adding up, she said, it is the cinema that made her won World’s Best Award, which simply shows the emotions that cinema have carried.

Rabi Adhikari is an executive cinema maker for the cinema based on the composition of society and the perspectives of fifty years ago regarding Sex Psychology of young girls.

Ganesh Giri presenting ‘Panchayat’ stars Saroj Khanal, Ganesh Giri, Jahanvi Basner, Gita Adhikari, Bishal Pahadi, Kira Thapa, Rajubabu Shrestha and many more besides Nita. Sushant Kumar Shrestha and Shankar Prasad Subedi produced cinema got cinematography of Rameswar Karki. Bipin Malla in editing holds the music of Tanka Budhathoki.