Kri Presents ‘Ukalima Pachi Pachi’ (video)

Kri Presents ‘Ukalima Pachi Pachi’ (video)

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- ‘Kri’ team came up with another new song publicized as they are running in glorious second week of cinema release. Song title is ‘Ukalima Pachi Pachi’, which is a remake song.

This flirty love song took place in one of the beautiful village of Nepal. In this mind blowing beauty of nature, Anmol is begging love for Aditi, who seems pretty angry and upset with him. This moment of character are well choreographed by Bikram Lama and Anjela Khatri.

Almoda Rana Uprety has made the music of the song while original music is of Ranjit Gazmer. Again Almoda Rana Uprety and Sabin Ektaare made remake of lyrics with the melodious voice of Almoda himself.

The chemistry of Anmol and Aditi surprisingly made justice to heartwarming duo of Bhuwan KC and Tripti Natkar in this remake too. This is definitely a good mark for whole ‘Kri’ team.

In middle of all this, ‘Kri’ is still getting quite good amount of shows in its second week too. Cinema made with an investment of 3 crore 50 lakh by producer Bhuwan KC and Subash Giri have already been recovered. So, the business collection from second week’s onward will added in profit.