Stardom of Anmol, ‘Kri’ Houseful Opening Across Country (Video)

Stardom of Anmol, ‘Kri’ Houseful Opening Across Country (Video)

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Actor Anmol KC is known for his charm and stardom. The very example of his stardom is the mass presence across the country hall for his movie ‘Kri’. Movie released on Friday made the vigorous audience collection across Nepal on Saturday. ‘Kri’ hold almost 100% occupancy across country on its second day of release as it made 75% occupancy on its first day release.

Foreign movie have been cut-down in Astanarayan movie hall in town because of the successful houseful mass of ‘Kri’ audiences in every screen. After realizing the overflow of audiences for ‘Kri’, hall made the decision to replace it with foreign movie. Before this, there were 3 screens for ‘Kri’ and 1 for foreign movie.

Similarly, there was houseful in most of the big hall of Gopi Krishna on Saturday. ‘Kri’ again is in number one in Multiplex too. While day show is houseful, evening show is already being sold out. According to the report, both day and evening show have already been sold out in OFX chain at Chitwan.

As many audiences were in dilemma with the new action avatar of chocolate boy Anmol, all of them came out to fall in love with this action look o f him. The whole ‘Kri’ team is excited with the love and positive feedback from their audiences and hopeful to do excellent Box Office collection too.