Box Office System from 1 Phagun in Multiplex across Capital

Box Office System from 1 Phagun in Multiplex across Capital

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times, Kathmandu- Film Development Board is going to apply Box Office System in multiplex across Capital. The reclamation in predestine verdict were made in meeting with the chairmanship of Information and Communication Minister Mohan Bahadur Basnet.

Before this, there was a decision to start primitive experiment for Box Office Software from Baishakh 1 onward. Board Chairperson Nikita Poudel said, ‘ Duly with our last verdicts, Box Office System is going to start from Phagun 1 in Multiplex of capital. And in case of out of capital, the Box Office System may apply before Magh 1’.

There is recommendation at Board to correspondence with Information Minister for aid to the halls that aren’t capable to connect Hardware & Software. Similar, Poudel stated to correspondence with Nepal Telecom and Internet supplier for reliable internet for Box Office System.

Preparation is going on to hand over Box Office Server for Private Company, which will run under the surveillance of Film Development Board, Film Union & Film Maker Union. Likewise, there was a discussion with Minister Basnet regarding invoke of each 1 surrogate in Film Union and Film Maker Union of Film Censor Board.