Watch: ‘Aja Ta Kya Beauty’ from Laal Joodee

Watch: ‘Aja Ta Kya Beauty’ from Laal Joodee

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times,

Journalist cum director Laxman Subedi directed love cinema LAAL JOODEE has released their first song online. ‘Aja Ta Kya Beauty’ titled song features Jyoti Kafle, Rajni Kc and Ayushma Karki in the lead which has been sang by Rajesh Payal Rai and Manisha Pokhrel.

Choreographed by Ramji Lamichhanne, the song has been written by Dinesh Subedi and composed by Tanka Budathoki.

LAAL JOODEE produced under the banner of Dilasha Creation is set to hit screens from 2nd September 2016. Director Subedi had previously directed ‘Yeuta Saathi

The comedy love cinema also features Buddhi Tamang, Puran Thapa, Kishor Bhandari, Govinda Koirala and other actors.

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