‘Nai Navannu La 3’ first look released (with videos)

‘Nai Navannu La 3’ first look released (with videos)

The Cinema Times

The Cinema Times,

After the success of ‘Nai Navannu La‘ and ‘Nai Navannu La 2‘, director Bikash Acharya, produced the third sequel ‘Nai Navannu La 3‘. Therefore, the third sequel which is scheduled to release from the 10th of April has released their first look.

Shahil Khan designed cinema poster features Aaryan SigdelPriyanka Karki, Anuvab Regmi, Safal Bhattarai, Sanchita Luitel, Suraj Singh Thakuri, Samyam Puri and Ashma Dc. The poster shows the story of love and relationships.

The musical love story has been directed by Muskan Dhakal and has been produced under the banner of ‘One Time Cinema‘. Bikash Acharya produced and written cinema’s songs has been liked by most viewers.

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Watch the songs from the movie:

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