Rekha Thapa: I appreciate documentary videos

Rekha Thapa: I appreciate documentary videos

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Nepal film festival Rekha Thapa-

Rekha Thapa in film festival-

Actress Rekha Thapa wants to make an entertainment movie rather than documentaries. We have heard her saying this in many programs.

At the ‘Nepal International Sports Film Festival 2015‘ that was organized in the capital, Rekha Thapa said she previously did not like documentaries and did not value them. But she also mentioned that she now values all the types of documentaries. Rekha Thapa along with National football player Hari Khadka was invited as the chief guest at the program. Both of them together inaugurated the documentary movie titled ‘Hari Bahadur‘ which is based on the life story of an athlete Hari Bahadur Rokaya. The 40 minutes long documentary has been directed by TS Thakuri and Jain Shah.

She expressed her feeling to produce another cinema based on sports.