‘JERRYY’ acquires universal certificate

‘JERRYY’ acquires universal certificate

The Cinema Times

November 10th, 2014 I By TCT reporter

Teenage drama ‘Jerryy‘ is has been set to 1 hour and 57 minutes by the censor board. The cinema received universal certificate.

Cinema ‘Jerryy’ which is releasing this friday is one of the most expected movie. After receiving the universal certificate, director Hemraj Bc said that the count down has already began.

Some the conversations has been censored in the movie. Bc added thats is a complete family movie. Anmol Kc, Anna Sharma, Amalia Sharma, Abhishek Man Scherchan and Rachana Gurung Sharma featured movie is a teenage love story. After the censor has been cleared, producer Monaj Sherchan is in the preparation of releasing the movie overseas.