Neeta and Amesh changing their love relation

Neeta and Amesh changing their love relation

The Cinema Times

November 4th, 2014 I By TCT reporter

Neeta Dhungana with Amesh Bhandari



Actress Neeta Dhungana accepts her love relation with her co-star Amesh Bhandari. She posted a photo on social media Facebook with Amesh. She captioned the photo wtiting, “With my love Amesh Bhandari. Phoolai phool ko mausam timilai.”

They also had an onscreen romance at the movie “Phoolai phool ko mausam timilai”. The two of them are changing their three years of love relation into marriage relation. They will get married this coming year.

Actor Amesh has also accepted his love relation with Neeta. ‘Both of us are in the same field which makes us more comfortable and easy’, said Amesh.