HUMJAYEGA I official trailer released

HUMJAYEGA I official trailer released

The Cinema Times

By Sunny Pradhan for The Cinema Times on Wednesday



In real life Humjayega was a very jolly and fun loving person. Many jokes were also made regarding the bus driver from Darjeeling. But how has he been characterized in the movie?

The movie organized a press meet on Tuesday to declare its release date which will be on 5th of Mangsir. According to director Surendra Pun, “the movie is a package of action, romance and comedy”. But the movie is not a biopic movie.

Actor Babu Bogati shares that he could get to know more about the real life of Humjayega while shooting this movie. Another actor Wilson Bikram Rai also compares the movie’s name with his music album.

Actress Richa Dhital also shares that she could learn more of acting working with the professional actors. “The cinema has already started its publicity”, says production company Munal film’s director Bhoj Bahadur Gurung.

The film stars Ravi Giri, Pavitra Rai, Sapana Shrestha, Shyam Rai and Resham Firiri. During the press meet, official trailer and music was also launched. Music and lyrics has been given by director Pun himself.

Watch the trailer: