Himmatwali through my eyes – from wikileaks to agenda

Himmatwali through my eyes – from wikileaks to agenda

The Cinema Times

Bishnu Sharma

One brilliant journalist from whom America is afraid of. One astonishing hacker whose head is priced million dollars and one bewildering person who is in world’s most wanted list. Satya named this character is the dominant focus of Himmatwali.

Seeing that daring (Himmatwali) girls flying kick in Nepalese society – it gives political meaning. Looking at her kick, boxing, fight, and horse props why Rekha Thapa released her much awaited movie Himmatwali during Durga pooja?

During this phase what is Nepali cinema’s goal and wisdom? There might be tough discussion in this simple question, but Himmatwali has centralized its goal and wisdom which is the reality of Nepali society. Film at once has made journalism, human rights, freedom, love, handicap and societies value as its agenda. Within this Himmatwali rotates.

About half an hour I tried to focus on cinemas subject only. Because in Rekha’s film I find agenda and subjective story. She has her own style of narrating story, film grammar and strong audience nexus. Audiences find societies value, interaction and entertainment in their own canvas. It’s more important to talk about Himmatwali’s subjective story rather than analyzing the movie.

I don’t want to talk about its objective part. Because in Nepalese movie there been more use of object. That use has been from hit to flop. But, Himmatwali is above than its use. Rekha herself is a product of subject. This can be seen from her strong presence in movie. That means- Rekha Thapa herself is heroism. In her movies both hero and heroism seems strong. Ramprari can be next project of female protagonist.

After the influence of decade long war and capitalism, in Nepalese society female’s presence and role is being effective. This direct effect is featured in movies content. In Bollywood, in women biopic is being made, in Hollywood superwoman animation is being made and in Nepal movies like Himmatwali women oriented story is being written. Rekha is leading character in this trend.

In Nepali movies there is continuous rise of International agenda. Himmatwali presenting issue on world famous Bikilics and Julian Asange is not minor. This is globalization biggest gift. In society how will there be development of brain? This discussion is related to Himmatwali as its central character says- I need brain not muscles.

Now Nepalese society is not in need of more power, but in need of brain- this is the loud advocacy made by Himmatwali. Satya named this character played by Sudarshan Gautam looks ultimate because in real life he is fighting as handicap. Might be our audience knows Rekha as heself rather than as character. This might be a reason in movie as well she is in Rekha’s character. Her action and kick is enough from one dialogue- “My life is for Sallu.” In Bollywood Salman is busy earning huge amount of money, Is Rekha also walking on Salman footstep?

When a movie is released, it becomes the asset of society. Audiences raise question to director and search answer. Audiences ask Rekha – How will Kathmandu’s reign accept female protagonist. This answer will depend in certain big level not only to Rekha, but also to actresses who are about to director a film and to film’s contain.