Indian media praises Saugat Bista

Indian media praises Saugat Bista

The Cinema Times

SEPTEMBER 30, 2014 I by TCT reporter

Indian media has appreciated 8 years old Nepali film director Saugat Bista who is on his way to set world record.

Hindustan Times writes- “Film set seems to be immature for kids. But Saugat Bista seems to be very comfortable in film set. His grip in studio and outdoor is very appreciable.”

If this effort of Saugat is accepted by Guinness Book, then he will break the record of India’s present record keeper Kishan Shreekant. In year 2006 Kishan had directed “Footpath”.

Directed by Saugat Bista “Love you baba” will be released on Mangsir 26. The story is about the struggle of a father to provide proper nurture to his daughter. Hindustan Times also writes director Saugat has established himself as an actor too.