Anjali: Not under one’s own skin

Anjali: Not under one’s own skin

The Cinema Times

What does it feel to be in someone else’s skin or to be in a place where you don’t belong to? What does it feel like when you suddenly discover your true identity? And how difficult it is to live with an identity that your society does not accept?

“Anjali: not under one’s own skin”, is a documentary movie which is an attempt to answer such and similar questions.

The short movie talks about how a boy named Nabin Waiba, born in a remote village in Nuwakot district, transform himself into model Anjali. It attempts to show the struggle she and people like her face in the society that treats them with pessimism and even with outright rejection.

Directed and produced by Mohan Rai the documentary was premiered on a press met on Wednesday. Its international premier will be held in Kumari Cinema on 18th September. Produced under the banner of Middleway Films, the principal photography was done by Ramesh Dhamala.

It took three years for Rai to come up with this documentary. “Sakhi”, “Kachhairi Camp” and other dozens of documentary were already been directed and produced by Rai.

Anjali is a small window through which the world of transgender and their problems, hopes and fears are explored–a sort of a microcosm of the transgender world.