Kathmandu called me – Anupam Kher

Kathmandu called me – Anupam Kher

The Cinema Times


Kathmandu Aug 21: After a gap of 25 years, versatile Indian actor Anupam Kher is back in Nepal. This time his appearance is neither for a cinema shoot nor is just a casual visit. But instead he came for a very social cause. He will be performing a play at a charity event for slums and street children. Organized by KOSELI School and managed by We Fear Silence (WFS) Events and Services the show is scheduled to be held at Army Officers’ Club, Sundhara.

At a press meet, Anupam Kher brought the same feel as Modi recently had. Dressed in western attire he entered the hall joining his hands and greeting all “NAMASTE”. He introduced himself in Nepali. He remembered his last visit to Nepal for a cinema, which he no longer can recall. He says and smiles-“It must have been an awful cinema which I can’t even remember the name”. He was happy to be in the land of Buddha and Himalayas. Every visit to Nepal makes him feel relaxed.

For the charity event he will be performing a play based on his own life. He believes when a small town boy can earn a name in an Indian cinema, then in life KUCH BHI HO SAKTA HAIN (Anything can happen).

When he was financially poor, unhealthy and everything was going wrong, he tape-recorded and talked about life and failure. Later when he heard, he ended up laughing. It was his true story. As an actor, compromising his laughter, he wanted to perform so that audience identifies and can easily narrate his story to theirs.

He adds, “The performance is not about I, but about us”.

Kher had performed his 300th play as a tribute to his late father. Now, the 301th play will be to raise amount for slum kids at KOSELI foundation. After knowing the reason behind the establishment of KOSELI he wants to do much more for them.

Very extrovert and frank looking Kher praised Narendra Modi’s visit to Nepal.

He also showed his eager interest to visit Pashupatinath, Boudha Stupas and Thamel.

When asked, “will you play a Nepali cinema?” – He wittily answered, “Give me good money, a good role and nice director. I will definitely”.

Although he hasn’t watch a single Nepali cinema, but because of similarity in culture he doesn’t find a major difference with that of Bollywood cinema. He also expressed his desire to open his acting school in Nepal.

Development of road was the major change he noticed about Nepal after 25 years of visit. In his next visit he wants to trek in hilly areas.

The positive character he played on screen has influenced him and made him feel responsible. But no matter what he plays he always tries to be himself. He shared-“I like myself and I’m happy to be me. I don’t pretend to be someone else.

The moral of the play is to be happy of who we are and this is what “kuch bhi ho sakta hain” is all about.