“I Wouldn’t Want My Children To Watch Mardaani” – Aamir Khan

“I Wouldn’t Want My Children To Watch Mardaani” – Aamir Khan

The Cinema Times

When an Aamir Khan takes to twitter to praises a film, it can’t be taken lightly. Aamir Khan, a few days back tweeted about how he thought Mardaani was a powerful film. He wrote, “Saw Mardaani yesterday! Must watch, it can happen to anyone! Rani is superb. And so is the new actor who plays the villain, Tahir Raj Bhasin.”

In an interview to Koimoi, Tahir could not stop gushing about losing sleep over Aamir’s compliment. But at the launch of Satyamev Jayate’s new season yesterday, the actor was seen singing a more diplomatic tune yesterday. When the question of Mardaani’s certification as an Adult film was discussed, Aamir agreed that the film has too much violence and is unsuitable for children in sync with the Censor Board’s observation.

The actor said, “There are some words in the film that I would not want my children to see. This is my personal opinion. It’s a film that I would not want young children to watch because of the language used. I also feel that very small children should not feel violence of this kind. There is a shot of a finger being cut in the film. It’s not shown though. I don’t want an eight year old child to see that.”

Obviously Rani Mukerji is trying hard to get the film re-certified by the Censor Board. Her logic is simple. If atrocities can happen to a 12 year old, then the least audiences can do is to show this film to their 12 year olds to motivate them and make them informed and empowered. Aamir combated this with, “Rani may have a different opinion and I respect Rani very highly. She’s a very close friend of mine. I have seen the film and it does have a certain amount of violence. In fact, I feel that we have become so insensitive towards children that we show them anything. I am not talking about Mardaani but of many other films. The most absurd things are sometimes shown in a U film or U/A film. I can’t believe my eyes to see how such things are shown in a U or U/A film. I feel we should be much more careful to the kind of violence we are exposing our children to. That’s very important.”

Continuing from the same, “I completely believe in freedom of speech. I am a creative person myself. But I also believe I have a responsibility towards what I am showing my children and to what age group I am exposing what thing to. Yes there is an argument today that everything is on the net and no matter what age you are, you can see what you want. I understand that but I have to fulfil my responsibility. I am not the one who can comment about what can be seen on the internet or not. I don’t want to show my child something so I would not want other children also to see it. I genuinely feel that children need to have a space where they grow freely without violence being shoved down their throat in the huge doses that we sometimes do.”

The new season of Satyamev Jayate is going live in September and will be aired all through October.